Awards are determined by a jury of industry veterans.
Awards are given in these categories for cinematic excellence:
- Best Film 
- Best Director 
- Best Screenplay 
- Best Actor 
- Best Actress 
- Best Feature 
- Best Documentary Feature 
- Discovery Award 
- Best Short 
- Best Short 
- Best Music Video

2017 Film Award winners


Best Crime Film: Mafiosa
Director: Yusaku Mizoguchi

Best Short Thriller Film: Alchemy
Director: Brandon Polanco

Best Inspirational Film: Three The Movie
Director: Yassine Marco Marroccu, Elisabetta Minen

Best Mystery Film: Notes from the New World
Director: Vitaly Sumin

Best Feature Film: Stolen Path
Director: Goldie Smitlener

Best Screenplay: The Breakout: A Rock Opera
Director: Jenn Page

Best Actress - Janel Tanna : Sienna's Choice
Director: Linda Palmer

Best Short Film: Ripples on the Water
Director: Alexander Falcon

Best Experimental Film : Clyde's Game
Director: Will Howard

Best Independent Film: The Very Private Work Of Sister K
Director: Johan Liedgren

Best Short Drama Film: Beat The City
Director: Claudinho Andres Gomez

Best Comedy Short Film: Secret Agent Problems
Director: Tommy Campbell

Best Director: Near Myth: The Oskar Knight Story
Director: Scott Fivelson

Best Comedy Short Film: That's Opportunity Knocking
Director: Charles Pelletier

Best Feature Film: One Buck
Director: Fabien Dufils

Best Mystery Short Film: Injection
Director: Michael Urbanski

Best Short Drama Film: Fading Nocturne
Director: Rowden Metzger